Selling My Home

Sale Only - Keep It Simple Package

We offer a simple sales package, enabling your home to be sold without the fuss—we sell your home and that is it! You will hear from us again once the sale has settled, on your birthday and at Christmas.

The sale is no longer as time consuming or stressful as it once was. Advances in technology means the modern housing market is much more transparent and easier to navigate. With this Keep It Simple option, we only offer support, help and advice when and if required.

To fully understand this package and our process, let’s meet for a chat – the coffee is our shout!

Getting Your Sale Underway

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Getting To Market

We understand that most of our clients are unfamiliar with the real estate process and even those familiar may need a bit of help. To sell your home we offer traditional estate agency services from initial meet and greet, appraisal, listing, sale and contract negotiations, pre-settlement inspections and settlement day finalisation administration.

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Getting Started

There is never a perfect time to sell your property. Is it a buyers or sellers’ market? Is it the right time of year to sell? Whatever the current market conditions, there is always a portion of the population looking to move. The primary driver for most property sales tends to be either personal or financial circumstances.

Is it a Buyers’ or Sellers’ Market?

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Sellers’ Market

A sellers’ market is when there are more buyers looking for property than there are properties for sales. This drives up demand for property which usually increases the sale price. Properties in a sellers’ market tend to sell quickly and at a premium because of the shortage of properties on the market.

Sink — Seniors Real Estate in Gold Coast, QLD
Living Room — Seniors Real Estate in Gold Coast, QLD
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Buyers’ Market

The reverse is true of a buyers’ market. The obvious downside is that property prices tend to be lower than a sellers’ market. There is however a positive to selling your property in a buyers’ market—you are buying when prices are lower

Would you like some more comprehensive information?

Introducing the Keep It Simple Package Brochure

We’d love to share with you our brochure, further outlining how we can help to “Keep It Simple” when it comes to real estate.

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Downsizing contributions into superannuation –

If you have reached the eligible age, you may be able to contribute up to $300,000 from the proceeds of the sale (or part sale) of your
home into your superannuation fund.


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